Treats in Draconius Go

Treats in Draconius GoTreats are items that are used to enhance various elements of capturing a creature in Draconius Go.

They are available from pillars of abundance, leveling up, and quests.

They come in Arcana Carmael, Magical Doughnut, Unicorn’s Marshmallow, and Ice Cream of the Four Elements.

Treat Usage

Treats are used by selecting the items icon in the creature capture screen before a sphere is thrown. Once it has been selected you can then feed it to the creature you are attempting to catch. They are a single use item and can only be used individually.

What Treats Do

  • Arcana Caramel – increases the chances of catching a creature.
  • Magical Doughnut – increases the amount of essence from a capture.
  • Unicorn’s Marshmallow – calms a creature down so it moves and attacks less.
  • Ice Cream of the Four Elements – increases the number of soulstones you receive for capturing a creature.


Save your arcana caramels for rare creatures or those with a high CP.

You can maximize the amount of essence you get by using your magical doughnuts on evolved creatures. They give more essence than the non-evolved ones.

The same is true for soulstones. Use your ice cream of the four elements on evolved creatures to get the most soulstones.

If you want a lot of them you can enchant a pillar of abundance to give only treats.

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