Spheres in Draconius Go

Spheres in Draconius GoSpheres are a consumable item used for capturing creatures in Draconius Go. They can be thrown straight or as a twisted throw.

They are available from pillars of abundance, leveling up, and the in game store.

Store Cost

  • 20 for 100 coins.
  • 100 for 460 coins.
  • 200 for 800 coins.

Sphere Usage

They are thrown directly at a creature. Creatures vary in distance and will require various amount of force to be hit.

A twisted throw is done by winding up the sphere before throwing it at a creature. This type of throw will enhance your chances of catching a creature and also grant an XP bonus.

Treats can be used before throwing a sphere for enhanced rewards.

Types of Spheres

There are 3 types: Apprentice, Master, and Ruler’s Spheres.

  • Apprentice – appear yellow and have the minimum chance of capture. Available when you begin the game.
  • Master – appear blue and have a moderate chance of capture. Available when you reach level 12.
  • Ruler – appear purple and have the greatest chance of capture. Available when you reach level 20.


Pillars of abundance can be enchanted to reward more spheres.

The “best ball luck” reward from from a treasure chest will ensure you only get the best spheres for your level from pillars.

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