Spells and Recipes in Draconius Go

Spells in Draconius GoSpells can be cast to perform special actions or provide player buffs for a limited time in Draconius Go.

Each spell requires that a certain amount of runes be used at an altar in order to be cast.

Each player starts the game with the Gift of the Golden Dragon spell. You can get more only by completing quests obtained from an obelisk. They are a permanent item that can be re-used at any time.

Spell Usage

To use a spell you be at least level 7 in the game and install an altar. This can be done by going to the main menu and selecting the magic icon and then tapping on the altar. Once installed, all players present will be able to see it.

In order to share an altar the player that installed the it must assign a password. The other players may then share the altar and the spell by entering the correct password. For a spell to be shared between players each must also contribute at least one rune.

Types of Spells

NameRune CostEffect
Gift of the Golden Dragon 2 green, 1 orange Doubles the number of rewards from Pillars of Abundance for 30 minutes.
Tower of Earth5 red, 1 greenAttracts Earth creatures for 30 minutes.
Tower of Arcana4 red, 1 green, 1 orangeAttracts Arcana creatures for 30 minutes.
Tower of Wind4 red, 1 blue, 1 greenAttracts Wind creatures for 30 minutes.
Tower of Water4 red, 1 green, 1 greyAttracts Water creatures for 30 minutes.
Tower of Fire4 red, 2 blueAttracts Fire creatures for 30 minutes.
Blessing of Defense4 blue, 2 yellowYour nearest arena cannot be attacked for 30 hours.
Purification by Fire6 purpleEnemy arenas within your field of vision will become neutral (bypasses Blessing of Defense).
Long Hands2 purple, 2 red, 2 greenIncreases range of vision and game interaction reach by 25% for 4 days.
Rift of Arcana1 purple, 2 redCreates a portal to the Rift of Arcana.
Field of Abundance2 gray, 2 blue, 1 green, 1 orangeCreates a field of Pillars of Abundance for 30 minutes.

These additional recipes appear in the game’s code and may or may not be usable.

  • Fury of the Leprechauns– All players around will feel the fury of the Leprechauns until portals migrate (no cost).
  • Astral View- allows you to press your finger on a location to light it up for creatures (no cost).
  • Dragon View– Increase creature search radius for 30 minutes (no cost).


Spells provide some of the best enhancements in the game so don’t ignore your quests. If you get one you can’t complete then change it to a different one.

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