Soulstones and Creature Evolution in Draconius Go

SoulstonesSoulstones are given as a reward for capturing creatures in Draconius Go. They are used to perform evolutions and creature power ups. During an evolution a creature changes form to become a new, more powerful version of itself. The change will affect its appearance, CP, and moves.

Evolution varies from creature to creature. Some have no evolutions at all while others have up to 4. Likewise, the amount of soulstones needed to perform an evolution also vary. It can take anywhere from 10 to 100 soulstones. The exact amount needed for every creature can be found in our Beastiary.

Soulstones are unique to each creature. You cannot use stones from one to evolve or power up another. The type of stone you need will always correspond to a creature’s base evolution.

Infalisk Stones

For example, Infalisk evolves into Puerolisk, and Puerolisk evolves into Basalisk. During all phases of the evolution Infalisk stones are required. In the photo above you can see that this Puerolisk requires 100 Infalisk stones to evolve into Basalisk. You can also see that powering it up requires 2 Infalisk stones (and 2400 essence).

Tips for Soulstones

  • You receive more stones from catching an evolved creature than a non-evolved one.
  • Using an ice cream of the four elements treat on a creature before capturing it will reward you with extra stones.
  • Using an ice cream of the four elements treat to catch an evolved creature will grant the largest stone reward.
  • Don’t forget that soulstones are also needed for powering up your creatures. You’ll need to strike a balance with how you use them.

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