Shovel in Draconius Go

Shovel in Draconius GoThe Shovel is a consumable item used to dig for the golden egg in Draconius Go.

You begin the game with several shovels. More can be obtained from leveling up and from the in game shop. It is important not to waste them as they are fairly expensive.They cost:

  • 1 for 100 coins.
  • 8 for 500 coins.
  • 25 for 1560 coins.

Shovel Usage

During the hunt for the golden egg the segment of the map you are currently in will show a location symbol.

Once you know you are in a viable portion of the map you can use a shovel by going to the main menu, tapping on your bag and selecting it.

If the map segment contains the Golden Egg you will receive a “Quest Complete” message and be rewarded with the egg. If it does not contain the golden egg you will receive a message saying the egg is not in that map section.


There is nothing to stop you from using a shovel outside of a quest map and they can be easily wasted.

You can save shovels by hunting with a friend. If you’ve started the hunt from the same obelisk you will have the same map and the golden egg will be in the same location for each of you. Take turns digging until it is found.

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