Runes in Draconius Go

Runes in Draconius GoRunes are consumable items used to cast spells at the altar in Draconius Go. The more powerful ones can be crafted by combining those of a lesser quality.

They can be obtained from wild encounters, pillars of abundance and treasure chests.

You must be at least level 7 in the game to perform magic with runes.

Types of Runes

Grey Rune 1Rune I
Yellow Rune IIRune II
(crafted from 3 grey runes)
Blue Rune IIIRune III
(crafted from 3 orange runes)
Green Rune IVRune IV
(crafted from 3 blue runes)
Red Rune VRune V
(crafted from 3 green runes)
Purple Rune VIRune VI
(crafted from 3 red runes)

Rune Usage

Runes can be accessed in the game by going to the main menu and selecting the magic icon. From there you will see a screen that has the altar and all of your runes.

Types II – IV can be crafted from lesser runes by converting them. It takes 3 runes of the previous level to make one of the current level. For example, 3 type II runes can be converted to a type III. 3 type III can be converted into a type 4 and so on.

Runes are required to cast a spell. You can see which ones are needed by again going to the magic screen and then swiping right to access the spell recipes screen.

If you have the correct runes you can cast a spell by installing an altar, selecting the spell, then placing them in the appropriate spots.


You can share runes with your friends and cast spells together.

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