Resurrection Potion in Draconius Go

Resurrection Potion in Draconius GoA Resurrection Potion is a consumable item used to revive a creature after it has been completely defeated in battle and it’s HP (health) has reached zero in Draconius Go.

They become available in the game once you have reached level 5. and are received from pillars of abundance.

Resurrection Potion Usage

These potions can be used by going to the main menu screen and selecting the bag icon. Then select the potion from the list and you will be shown a screen with all of your feinted creatures.

Select the creature you’d like to revive and it will come back to life with a small portion of it’s health restored. You will need to use additional healing potions to fully restore the creature’s health.


If you know your’re going to loose a fight just surrender before your creature gets completely beaten. That way you won’t have to resurrect it.

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