Pillar of Abundance Building in Draconius Go

Pillar of AbundanceA Pillar of Abundance is a building in Draconius Go where you can get gameplay items such as spheres and potions. They open up on the top like a blooming flower when you are close enough to interact with them.

Pillar of Abundance Usage

To use a pillar get within range and click on it then spin the crystal that emerges from the top. You will receive several random items as well as XP.

There is a 5 minute cool down period before the Pillar of Abundance can be spun again. While inactive the pillar will appear green. The cool down period can be shortened by using various artifacts in the game.


Spinning a Pillar of Abundance gives you 50XP and 1-3 random items. The items can include: spheres, healing potions, resurrection potions, treats, eggs, runes, and if you’re lucky a dragon’s eyesight.

The number of items you receive from a pillar can be increased by special items received from chests. There are also chest rewards that enhance the quality of items you get.


You can enchant a Pillar of Abundance to receive only a particular type of item. The enchantments can be for spheres, healing potions, resurrection potions, eggs, or treats.

Enchantments cost 300 coins and can be placed on a pillar by clicking on the menu icon at the lower right hand corner of the pillar interaction screen.

The enchantment only works for the player that placed the it and cannot be used by friends. It is permanent unless you choose to cancel it. Canceling will not get your coins back. If you want to re-enchant the pillar it will cost another 300 coins.


You can attract creatures to a pillar of abundance by using a lure. A lure can be placed on a pillar by clicking the icon that looks like a banana peel in the lower left hand corner of the pillar interaction screen.

Lures can be shared with friends. They are effective for 30 minutes.

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