Pheromones in Draconius Go

Pheromones in Draconius GoPheromones are a consumable item used to draw more creatures to your character in Draconius Go. They last for 30 minutes and spawn a new creature every 3 minutes.

They are available from leveling up or from the in game shop. They cost:

  • 1 for 80 coins
  • 8 for 500 coins
  • 25 for 1250 coins

Pheromones Usage

Go to your bag from the main menu and tap on the Pheromone Icon.

The type of creatures that they spawn are determined by the day of the week. The current type is shown on the screen before you use the pheromone.

If you a looking for a particular type of creature here is a list of what spawns on any given day of the week.

  • Monday – Wind
  • Tuesday – Water
  • Wednesday – Fire
  • Thursday – Earth
  • Friday – Arcana
  • Saturday – Earth
  • Sunday – Earth

Keep in mind that pheromone spawns are based on the Eastern European Time where the game was created. You will need to adjust for your local time.


Pheromones can only be used while standing still or walking. They will not work if you are traveling too fast so don’t use one in a car.

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