Obelisk Building in Draconius Go

ObeliskAn Obelisk is a building in Draconius Go where you can get quests and map sections for the Hunt for the Golden Egg. You can also use it to change your current quest if you don’t like the one you have.

Obelisk Usage

When you are within range you can tap on an obelisk and you will see screen two tabs at the top, quest and hunt. Tap on the tab you want to use.


Under the quests tab there is a “get a quest” button. Tap it to get a quest. Or if you already have one, there will be a change quest button. The quest you receive is random. These are some possible quests:

  • Domination– defeat creatures in an arena or library. You cannot defeat a creature of the same type twice.
  • Egg Fever– hatch creatures from eggs by using dragon cocoons or the Mother of Dragons.
  • Territory Control– collect taxes from the captured Arenas.
  • Thirst for Knowledge– be the owner of the right number of Libraries.
  • Dragonian Park– you can never have too many creatures. Travel and catch them.
  • Element Hunt– travel and capture creatures of a particular element .
  • Search for the Arcana-Born– visit the Rift of Arcana to find the Mother of Dragons.
  • Mopping up a Rift– visit the Rift of Arcana and catch all creatures you can find there.
  • Ancient Treasure– fnd and open treasure chests.
  • Way of Abundance– walk along the series of Pillars of Abundance and activate them. Each next pillar will be highlighted.

Upon completing a quest you will receive a random reward. The best rewards are spell recipes that can be used at the magic altar. You can also receive time off your library cool down, time off your arena tax collection, and other various temporary character buffs.


Under the hunt tab there is a “receive fragment” button. Tap it to get a fragment of a map that will lead you to the Golden Egg. The Golden Egg usually contains a rare or powerful creature.

There are a total of 9 pieces you can collect. Each Obelisk only gives one fragment so you will have to visit 9 separate Obelisks to complete the map. However, you do not need to complete the map to get the Golden Egg.

The map will be of a location from 1 to 3 miles away from the Obelisk that you used to begin the hunt. You have to examine the map and figure out where it is. Google Maps or Open Street Maps can be helpful in figuring it out.

Once you have found the location go to it and look at your map again. If you are in one of the 9 sections it will now be highlighted on the map. Use a shovel to dig in that square to find out if it contains the Golden Egg.

If it does not move to the next section and keep digging until you find it. Once you have found it the egg will hatch instantly and you will be rewarded with a new creature.

The hunt is a weekly quest. If you haven’t found your egg before the week is over, you will have to start a new hunt.

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