New Artifacts in Draconius Go Plus the Ability to Sell Them


Draconius Go New ArtifactsTen new Artifacts have been added to Draconius Go with the 1.3 Update. All of them are available in the shop. Sadly, none seem to have been added for chests.

Duplicate artifacts can also now be sold. To sell them click on the recycling arrow symbol next to the duplicate. You will receive various amounts of essence in return.

  • Dragon’s Skull: 5000 Coins. “This artifact allows you to receive 50% more xp from any source. The effect of this artifact sums up with the Crystal of Wisdom.” There are also keys presumably for chest drops with 3/5/7/10% gains, but they have placeholder names so are probably not going to drop yet.
  • Soul Extractor: 5000 Coins. “This artifact allows you to receive 50% more essence from any source. The essence is used for powering creatures up.” Same as above, with 3/5/7/10% gains, but placeholder names.
  • Decoy for Monsters: 5000 Coins. “100% chance of two attacks by a wild monster in a row. This artifact attracts monsters and gives a 100% chance that one attack by a wild monster will be immediately followed by another one.” Same, with placeholders for 10/20/30/40% chances.
  • Strength Polarizer: 10,000 Coins. “This artifact allows you to change both your skills and specialization of a creature in a Library. A creature can be either a defender or an attacker.”
  • Shovel of Destiny: 5000 Coins. “+1 Hunt for a Golden Egg in a week. The artifacts allow you to participate in the Hunt for a Golden Egg one more time in the same week.”
  • Obelisk Remote Control: 3000 Coins. “The Obelisk does not give easy quests with bad rewards. With this artifact, you will only get quests of medium and high difficulty levels with good rewards.”
  • Monster-Catcher’s Pipe: 3000 Coins. “Pheromones and lures give more strong creatures. When pheromones and lures attract a weak creature, there’s a 20% chance that it will be substituted by a strong one.”
  • Golden Scarab: 3000 Coins. “Regardless of the tax collection limit, all your Arenas give an additional coin and +200 essence. With this artifact, each one of your captured Arenas gives +1 coin and +200 essence during tax collection. The bonus also works for Arenas beyond the usual limit of tax collection.”
  • Amulet of Knowledge: 5000 Coins. “This artifact reduces the cooldown of a Library by 50% after retraining a creature in it.”
  • Ice Wyrm’s Soul: 1000 Coins. “Freezes temporary buffs that were taken with the Dragon’s Eyesight. If you’ve activated the Dragon’s Eyesight and you received a temporary buff like creatures’ CP increase for 30 min from a chest, the buff will be activated after the expiration of the Dragon’s Eyesight.”

That’s a lot of coin you’ll have to spend to get all of the Artifacts now. But Elyland does need to make money and at these prices, not many players are going to be able to become over powered.

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