Lure in Draconius Go

Lure in Draconius GoA lure is a consumable item that is placed into a pillar of abundance to attract more creatures in Draconius Go. They last for 30 minutes and spawn a new creature every 3 minutes.

Lures are available from leveling up and from the in game shop. They cost:

  • 1 for 100 coins
  • 8 for 680 coins
  • 25 for 1560 coins

All players in range of the pillar that the lure was used on will be able to benefit from its use.

Note that lures cannot be used in the Rift of Arcana.

Lure Usage

To use a lure go to a pillar and tap on it. You will see an icon in the lower left corner that resembles a banana peel. Tap on it and you will be able to select a lure to use.


The creature spawn rate is fairly slow with these so it’s a good idea to find 2 or more pillars that are close together and lure them simultaneously.

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