Library Building in Draconius Go

LibraryA Library is a building in Draconius Go that you can capture and control to earn the ability to re-train a creature’s fighting moves.

Similar to arenas, they are controlled by teams and can be battled or trained up to gain levels.

Empty libraries are shown in yellow. If they are currently held by one of the teams they will be red or blue.

Library Usage

Placing a creature in a library will start the countdown to your reward. The countdown timer can be seen by going to the “captured” section in the Draconius Go main menu and looking at the libraries. The more creatures you have in libraries, the faster the countdown timer will go.

Note that you do not need to place the creature you want to retrain in a library. Any creature will do.Once the timer reaches zero you will be granted the ability to retrain either the quick move or the charge move of one of your creatures.

Upon retraining a creature there is a 72 hour cool down period before you can interact with another library.


Once you’ve earned a re-train ability you can use it by again going to the captured section in the main menu and looking at the libraries. Instead of a timer there will now be a re-train button. Click the button and you will then get to select which creature to use it on. From there you can select either the quick move or charge move.

The re-training is random. You might get a better move, or you might get a worse move. It’s a gamble.

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