Healing Potions in Draconius Go

Healing Potions in Draconius GoHealing Potions are consumable items that can be used to restore HP (health) to creatures that have been hurt in battle in Draconius Go.

They are available from pillars of abundance and leveling up.

Healing Potion Usage

The potions can be used by going to the main menu screen and selecting the bag icon. Select one from the list and you will be shown a screen with all of your injured creatures.

Select the creature you would like to heal and a portion of it’s health will be restored. It may take several potions to fully restore it’s health. Once it is fully healed a green circle will appear around your creature.

Note that if a creature’s HP has been completely depleted you will need to use a resurrection potion first to revive it before you can apply a healing potion.

Types of Healing Potions

  • Small – restores 200 HP. Available at level 5.
  • Medium – restores 500 HP. Available at level 15.
  • Great– restores 1000 HP. Available at level 25.
  • Potion of Complete Recovery – fully restores HP. Available at level 30.


Leveling up a creature will fully restore it’s health. Don’t use a healing potion if you know you are going to power one up. Likewise, if you are desperately out of potions you can level a creature up to get it back into battle quickly with full health.

If you always run out of potions you can enchant a pillar of abundance to give only healing potions.

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