Essence and Combat Power (CP) in Draconius Go

EssenceEssence is used to raise your creature’s combat power (CP) in Draconius Go. Creatures with a higher CP have more health and do more damage in battle.  You can get more essence from capturing creatures, collecting arena taxes, and from treasure chests.

The amount of essence required to power up a creature goes up as the CP increases. For example a 16 CP Berrydillow requires 300 essence to power up while a 197 CP Berrydillow requires 3800.

Berrydillo Essence Comparison

A corresponding number of soulstones are also required to perform a power up. In the photo above you can see the requirements for both essence and soulstones next to the power up button.

Powering up large creatures like dragons can take several thousand essence so it’s a good idea not to waste it. If you want to know what creatures are best to use it on check out our creature chart.

Essence Tips

  • You get a daily bonus of 600 for your first catch of the day.
  • Catching the evolved version of a creature gives you more than the non-evolved version.
  • You can double the amount you get from a successful catch by using a magical doughnut.
  • Use a magical doughnut on an evolved creature for the maximum bonus.

Check out our Draconius Go Beginners Guide and Creature Best Moves Chart.
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