Eggs in Draconius Go

Eggs in Draconius GoNot all creatures are caught in Draconius Go. They can also be hatched from eggs.

They can be obtained from pillars of abundance and can be hatched with either a dragon’s cocoon or mother of dragons depending on the type.

To see what creatures are likely go hatch from a given egg type see our Egg Hatching Chart. 

Egg Usage

Your eggs can be viewed by going to the main menu then going to the creatures section. Once there, swipe to the right to reveal the eggs tab. The common and ancient variety can be viewed there. Because golden eggs hatch instantly they cannot be viewed in inventory.

Common Eggs

You can tap on any of the common eggs and place them in a dragon’s cocoon. You will then need to walk the incubating egg either 2, 5, or 10 Km in order for it to hatch. Typically better creatures hatch the longer you have to walk them.

2 Km eggs are blue, 5 Km are green, and 10 Km are purple.

Ancient Eggs

Ancient eggs can only be hatched by giving them to a mother of dragons in the Arcane Rift. Once you have found the MOD tap on it and you will see a screen with several incubators. Tap on one and select the egg you would like to incubate. It will take either 2, 5, or 10 hours to hatch. Usually better creatures hatch the longer you have to wait for them.

2 hour eggs are blue, 5 hour are green, and 10 hour are purple.

Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs do not have to be incubated. They hatch as soon as you receive them and often give some of the best creatures in the game.


If you are not getting enough eggs in the game you can enchant a pillar of abundance to give you nothing but eggs.

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