Dragon’s Eyesight in Draconius Go

Dragon's Eyesight in Draconius GoThe Dragon’s Eyesight is a single use item that greatly extends a player’s ability to see and interact with creatures and treasure chests for 30 minutes in Draconius Go.

It is available from pillars of abundance, treasure chests, leveling up, and the in game shop. The cost is 500 coins.

Dragon’s Eyesight Usage

It can be used by going to the main menu, tapping the bag icon, then selecting it.

Once used, you will be able to see all of the creatures and treasure chests to the very edge of the visible map.

You can tap on any creature or treasure chest that you see. Typically there will be dozens of creatures and 1 to 3 chests. You cannot interact with buildings in its range though.

Dragon's Eyesight Screen Capture

It is important to note that is a location based item. It stays where you initially used it and does not move with you.


The dragon’s eyesight reveals a lot of creatures so you’ll want to stock up on spheres before using it.

When going on a large catching spree  such as this don’t forget that the crystal of wisdom grants double XP.

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