Dragon’s Cocoon in Draconius Go

Dragon's Cocoon in Draconius GoThe Dragon’s Cocoon is an incubator used to hatch common eggs in Draconius Go.

They are obtainable from leveling up or from the in game store for 150 coins. They are consumable items but can be used 3 times.

There is an perpetual incubator in your inventory from the beginning of the game that has unlimited uses. Additional Dragon’s Cocoons with a 3 limit use are given as rewards for leveling up your character. They can also be purchased in the shop.

Dragon’s Cocoon Usage

To use a Dragon’s Cocoon go to the creatures section under the main menu. Swipe to the right to reveal the eggs tab. Select an egg and you will be given the option to place it in a Cocoon.

Once your egg is in a cocoon you will have to walk with it to make it hatch. The distance depends on the egg. Hatching will require either 2 Km, 5 Km, or 10 Km.

Note that ancient eggs cannot be hatched with the dragon’s cocoon. They must be hatched with the mother of dragons.


Distance is only counted if you are going at a walking pace. Traveling in a car won’t add any distance towards your incubation.

Use your perpetual cocoon to hatch smaller eggs and your store bought cocoons for larger eggs to maximize their benefit. If a cocoon costs 150 coins then it will be 75 coins per Km to hatch a 2 Km egg but only 15 coins per Km for a 10 Km egg.

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