Draconius Go Special Winter Event Starts Now


Draconius Go Winter EventElyland has just announced the beginning of a special winter event in Draconius Go. The official announcement says:

“Winter is here, and it’s time to take part in our special Event that will last for 7 days!

You will get:

  • Doubled generation of creatures from elemental towers, pheromones and lures.
  • 20% discount on the purchase of lures and pheromones.

Hurry up to join the winter event!”

Below is a comparison of the event cost vs the regular cost on sale items.

Special Event Pheromone Prices

  • 1 Pheromone: 64 coins (was 80)
  • 8 Pheromones: 400 coins (was 500)
  • 25 Pheromones: 1000 coins (was 1250)

Special Event Lure Prices

  • 1 Lure: 80 coins (was 100)
  • 8 Lures: 544 coins (was 680)
  • 25 Lures: 1248 coins (was 1560)

So here’s your opportunity to farm some essence and soulstones. Or maybe stock up on creatures if you’re trying to level up and do a mass evolution.

One other thing worth pointing out. Elyland apparently isn’t timing their events to go head to head with the events in Pokemon Go. That’s a good thing for people who play both games.

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