Draconius Go Complete Guide and Game Walkthrough

Draconius Go is an augmented reality game similar to Pokemon Go but with more features. You play the game by walking around to points of interest in the real world and finding mythical creatures that you can capture, train, and battle. This is a complete guide to the game for anyone from beginner to advanced player.

Creating Your Character

The game begins with creating your character. First you have to create your nickname. Choose wisely, other players will be able to see it in the game. Then you can choose to make your character either male or female. From there you get to customize your character’s face, hair, and clothing.

How you customize your character will have no bearing on the game and you can change it again any time if you decide you want a different look.

Draconius Go Interface

On the screen you will find a map overlay of the real world with your character in the center. You guide your character in the game by walking in the real world.

Draconius Go Screen Capture

On the bottom left is an icon with your players face that you can tap to see your level in the game and other character aspects including:

  • Journal– shows all your recent activity in the game.
  • Pet Screen– allows you to choose a pet that you can walk for extra stones.
  • Artifacts– where you equip artifacts that enhance your character.
  • Style– allows you to change how your character looks.

On the bottom center of the screen is a red ball icon that takes you to game’s main menu. Here you will find:

Draconius Go Menu Guide

  • Settings– change your music, sounds, vibration, battery, language, and login preferences.
  • Duel of Wizards– PVP area where you fight other wizards.
  • Quest– your current quest and treasure hunt progress.
  • Captured– see the battle arenas and libraries you have captured.
  • Beastiary– an index of all the creatures available in the game.
  • Magic– shows the runes you’ve collected and the spells you can cast at an altar.
  • Creatures– shows all the creatures you have captured.
  • Shop– where you can buy items with in game coins or real money.
  • Bag– inventory of all the items you can use.

On the bottom right of the screen is the creature tracker. It shows what creatures are nearby and if you click on one it will show you the exact location.

creature tracker

Basic Gameplay Guide

Start off by walking around and you will run into a creature. Tap on it and you will get the chance to catch it by throwing a sphere at it. You’re able to throw your sphere directly at the creature or by throwing a twisted throw (curveball). The twisted throw is performed by winding up your ball in a circular motion several times before releasing it. This will increase your chances of a successful capture and reward extra XP as well.

Capturing creatures also grants essence and soulstones. These can be used to power up and evolve your creatures making them more powerful in battle.

As you use up your supply of spheres the next thing you will want to do is find a Pillar of Abundance. They appear is purple and blue spires on your map. Get within range of one and you can tap on it then spin the pillar to receive extra spheres, potions, and XP.

As you continue to capture creatures and spin pillars you will gain XP that allows you to level up your character. Leveling up your character will allow you to unlock other parts of the game.

  • Level 5– Battle Arenas unlocked (Bronze League)
  • Level 7– Magic unlocked.
  • Level 9- Duel of Wizards unlocked.

More about those in a moment. First, we need to cover the rest of the items you’ll find in the game before we discuss the advanced gameplay features.

Buildings in Draconius Go

Buildings in Draconius Go

  • Pillar of Abundance– gives out spheres and potions. Also allows placement of a lure to attract creatures.
  • Arena– can be captured by fighting the defending team’s creatures.
  • Library– also captured by fighting the defending team’s creatures.
  • Obelisk used to obtain quests and map pieces in the Hunt for the Golden Egg.
  • Portal– takes you into the Rift of Arcana where you will find Arcana creatures and the Mother of Dragons.
  • Altar a building placed by you from the magic menu that allows you to cast spells.

Items in Draconius Go

Items in Draconius Go

  • Sphere– used to capture creatures. Three types from worst to best: Apprentice Sphere (yellow), Master Sphere (blue), and Ruler’s Sphere (purple).
  • Treat– used while capturing a creature. Depending on the type it will increase the chance of capture, increase the essence, calm the creature down, or increase the amount of soulstones you receive.
  • Healing Potion– used to heal your creatures after battle. Available in small, medium, and great.
  • Resurrection Potion– used to revive a creature that has been completely beaten (at 0 health).
  • Egg– contains creatures that must be hatched by walking a certain distance while in Dragon’s Cocoon or by giving it to the Mother of Dragons.
  • Dragon’s Cocoon– an incubator that will allow you to hatch an egg by walking it.
  • Pheromone– attracts creatures to you for 30 minutes.
  • Lure– placed in a pillar of abundance to attract creatures for 30 minutes.
  • Treasure Chest– found at random locations an contain various loot.
  • Dragon’s Eyesight– Allows you to see creatures and chests at a much greater distance and capture or open them.
  • Crystal of Wisdom doubles the amount of XP you earn for 30 minutes.
  • Shovel– used to dig on a portion of the map in the Hunt for the Golden Egg quest.
  • Rune– used to cast spells at the altar.
  • Spell– obtained from completing quests. Can be used at the altar with the appropriate runes.
  • Artifact powerful character enhancements available from treasure chests and the in game shop.

Advanced Gameplay Features

There’s more to do in Draconius go than just walking around and capturing creatures.

  • Wild Encounters– While walking around you’ll get randomly attacked by wild creatures. Defend yourself.
  • Battlling for Arenas– Go to an arena and fight the opposing team the hold it for daily coin and essence payouts.
  • Retraining at Libraries– Go to a library and fight the opposing team then hold the library for a designated time to earn the ability to re-train one of your creature’s movesets.
  • Wizzard’s Duel– Fight an opponent in PVP to earn XP and essence.
  • Quests– complete quests from obelisks to earn temporary spells or permanent spell recipes you can use at the altar.
  • Hunts– Search for the golden egg by obtaining map fragments from an obelisk then use the shovel to dig on the map.
  • Magic– learn recipes and collect runes to cast powerful magic spells.
  • Hatching Ancient Eggs– get ancient eggs from pillars of abundance and search for the Mother of Dragons in a rift to hatch them.

There’s still plenty more to learn about Draconius Go and a whole community of players to meet. These links are a must for any serious player.

Official Website Links

  • Official Website – The Official website for Draconius go. It has a news section, game support, and the downloadable APK file.
  • Official Facebook -Follow the developers and comment on posts. Interact with the community.
  • Official Twitter – Get up to the moment updates from the developer in their Twitter feed.

Information Website Links

  • Wiki – The community wiki. One of the largest Draconius Go resources on the web.
  • Critical GG – Draconius Go news and database website by a game development team in Europe that gets much of their information directly from Elyland.
  • Go Shiny Hunter on Youtube – Makes some of the best informational videos on the game that can be found on Youtube.

Community Website Links

  • Largest Facebook Fan Group – A great group to join if you have questions about the game.
  • On Reddit – Huge Reddit group with lots of threads about the game. Also home of a monthly megathread of suggestions for the developers.
  • Another Reddit – Another large Reddit worth checking out.

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