Crystal of Wisdom in Draconius Go

Crystal of Wisdom in Draconius GoThe Crystal of Wisdom is a single use item that doubles all XP earned for 30 minutes in Draconius Go.

It is available from leveling up and the in game shop. The cost is:

  • 1 for 80 coins.
  • 8 for 500 coins.
  • 25 for 1250 coins.

Crystal of Wisdom Usage

It can be used by going to your bag from the main menu and selecting it.


The best use of this item is during periods of “mass evolutions”. This is when you’ve amassed a large quantity of creatures to evolve.

Each evolution normally gives 500 XP. While using this item they will grant 1000 XP. If you plan carefully, you can gain a massive XP bonus. Quite often enough XP to take your character up to the next level in the game.

Another good time for a crystal of wisdom is when you’re using a dragon’s eyesight.

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