Battle Arena Building in Draconius Go

ArenaAn Arena is a building in Draconius Go that you can capture and control to earn coins. They are controlled by teams. Defending teams place creatures in them where they remain until they are defeated by an opposing team.

Empty arenas are shown in yellow. If they are currently held by one of the teams they will be red or blue.

Arena Usage

If an arena is empty you can place one of your creatures inside by clicking on it.

If the arena is held by an opposing team you will have to battle them. You can then place your creature in after the opposing team is defeated and the arena’s level reaches zero.

If the arena is held by a friendly team you may still have to battle to obtain a place in it. This is known as “training”. Once you have trained the arena to a sufficient level you can then place your creature in it and join others on your team.


Each occupied arena has a level (prestige) ranging from 1 to 10. This indicates how strong it is. The level corresponds to the number of creatures that are allowed inside. Taking an arena from the other team requires you to battle until there are no creatures left. Placing a creature in a friendly arena requires you to battle until a new opening becomes available.

However, when an arena first changes teams it is automatically level 3 meaning that up to 3 creatures can be placed inside without the need for training. After that you have to battle your way in.


Each player may only place one creature in each area. This limit can be increased by equipping certain artifacts.

Each player may only hold up to 25 arenas. This limit can also be raised by using certain artifacts.

Coins and Tax Collection

Every 21 hours you can collect taxes on the arenas under your control in the form of coins and essence.

Each controlled arena normally grants 6 coins and 800 essence. There is a limit of 10 that can be taxed at any given time. If a player consistently holds 10 arenas this will yield a daily income of 60 coins and 8000 essence.

A weekly bonus of an additional 3 coins is given for each arena held.


The arenas are split into 3 leagues:

Bronze (Lvl. 5 to 14)
Silver (Lvl. 15 to 26)
Gold (Lvl. 27 to 40)

Each league is separate and players from one league will not encounter players from another. This means that each arena can be held by different teams in different leagues at the same time.

When you go up a league all of your creatures will be returned to you and the arena will return to neutral.
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