About Us at Drajira

I’m Troy Krieger. I live in Findlay Ohio and I’m a really huge fan of Draconius Go. I play the game so much that I thought I would make a blog about it.

This blog is also made possible by the members of the Draconius Go community and the information they have provided. They are there whenever I have a question about the game. Those answers from Facebook Groups and Reddit become the articles and guides you see here.

The Name Drajira comes from a combination of one of my favorite bands and one of their songs. The band is Gojira and the song is Where the Dragons Dwell. Dragon + Gojira = Drajira. You can look them up on Youtube but fair warning: it’s nothing light and fluffy. It’s heavy metal. Then again, if a dragon had a theme song I doubt it would be anything but hard rock.

I am not connected to or sponsored by the game’s developers. This is something I do just for fun.