Draconus Go Types and Effectiveness Diagram and Chart

There are 5 types of creatures in Draconius go, Water, Fire, Earth, Arcana, and Wind. Each type has strengths and weakness to the others. Each type is strong against 2 other types, and weak to 2 other types.

For example, Fire does increased damage (strong) to Earth, but it takes increased damage from Water. It also does reduced damage (weak) to Wind, but takes reduced damage from Arcana.

This diagram shows the reciprocal relationship between all of the them.

Draconius Go Creature Type Effectiveness Diagram

If that diagram is a little difficult to understand it can also be explained in chart form.

TypeDeals Increased Damage ToTakes Reduced Damage FromTakes Increased Damage FromDeals Reduced Damage To
EarthArcanaWindFire Water

Other Facts about Types in Draconius Go

Each creature in the game only has moves that match it’s type. For example, Leviathan is a water type and can only have water moves. It will never have an Earth type move.

Unlike Pokemon Go there are no STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves. There are also no double typed creatures in the game so there are no double weaknesses.

What we also learn from the chart above is that there is not any type of creature that deals increased damage to another while that creature also has a weakness to it. It is a completely balanced system. Draconius Go keeps it simple.

Consult the diagram or chart before going into battle. Your opponent’s type will be shown on the starting screen. Choose the correct counter and you should have no trouble beating your opponent.

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