Draconius Go Complete Moves Chart | Abilities List

This chart contains all of the moves in Draconius Go. The chart is sorted from highest DPS (damage per second) to lowest for each move type. You can also re-sort the chart by clicking on any of the column titles.

Keep in mind that creatures cannot have all of the moves on the list. If you’d like to see what the best moves for each creature are see our best moves chart.

Rage of WindWindQuick0.980.57 s1.720.99
WaftWindQuick1.310.92 s1.421.07
Shock TherapyWindQuick0.850.61 s1.390.9
FireballWindQuick1.020.8 s1.27 1.06
Dragon's SighWindQuick1.140.95 s1.2 1.21
Electric ShockWindQuick1.311.1 s1.191.12
Air SickleWindQuick1.121.03 s1.090.82
BursterWindQuick0.880.87 s1.01 1
BreathingWindQuick0.530.64 s0.831.09
RoundaboutWindCharge4.252.5 s1.7NA
GoosebumpsWindCharge3.382.5 s1.35NA
Roar of WindWindCharge2.422.2 s1.1NA
TornadoWindCharge1.891.8 s1.05NA
StormWindCharge2.502.5 s1NA
X-RaysWindCharge2.072.2 s0.94NA
RechargingWindCharge1.571.8 s0.87NA
ThunderWindCharge1.652.2 s0.75NA
LightningWindCharge1.221.8 s0.68NA
CruciarcusArcanaQuick1.370.8 s1.711.01
Arcana Cadavra
(formerly Cadaur's Arcana)
ArcanaQuick1.461.03 s 1.421.05
Eye of Terror
(formerly Eye of Horror)
ArcanaQuick1.521.09 s1.390.93
Sphere of DarknessArcanaQuick0.850.65 s1.311.08
ImpericanusArcanaQuick0.840.7 s1.2 1.25
Sphere of PerilArcanaQuick1.000.83 s1.2 1.15
Clot of DarknessArcanaQuick0.840.78 s1.080.81
Tentacle of EvilArcanaQuick0.490.5 s0.981.05
Arrow of ArcanaArcanaQuick0.861.05 s0.820.98
Wrath of ArcanaArcanaCharge4.252.5 s1.7NA
(formerly Excluding)
ArcanaCharge3.382.5 s1.35NA
ManastormArcanaCharge2.422.2 s1.1NA
Magical TempestArcanaCharge1.891.8 s1.05NA
IonizationArcanaCharge2.502.5 s1NA
CurseArcanaCharge2.352.5 s0.94NA
BanishmentArcanaCharge1.912.2 s0.87NA
DisintegrationArcanaCharge1.652.2 s0.75NA
AtomizationArcanaCharge1.22 1.8 s0.68 NA
Tree GhostEarthQuick1.450.85 s1.710.97
Nature's ShadowEarthQuick1.010.7 s1.451.09
RockEarthQuick1.220.86 s1.420.88
PebbleEarthQuick0.920.7 s1.311.02
Spine BreakerEarthQuick1.221.02 s 1.21.14
Spirit of ForestEarthQuick1.281.07 s1.21.2
Snake's ToothEarthQuick1.010.91 s1.110.86
Poisonous SpitEarthQuick1.091.1 s0.991.02
PoisoningEarthQuick0.580.7 s0.831.1
AcidEarthCharge4.252.5 s1.7NA
Swirl of StonesEarthCharge3.382.5 s1.35NA
Poisonous PuddleEarthCharge2.422.2 s1.1 NA
Lake of DeathEarthCharge1.891.8 s1.05NA
RiftEarthCharge2.502.5 s1NA
ExplosionEarthCharge2.072.2 s0.94NA
CrashEarthCharge1.571.8 s0.87NA
ShakingEarthCharge1.652.2 s0.75NA
RumbleEarthCharge1.221.8 s0.68NA
(formerly Shooting)
FireQuick0.850.5 s1.7 1.01
CoalFireQuick1.411.01 s1.41.06
CindererFireQuick1.260.91 s1.390.92
Fire SphereFireQuick1.331.04 s1.281.05
Fire ThrowerFireQuick1.040.84 s1.241.23
StarFireQuick0.790.66 s1.2 1.14
Palm of Fire
(formerly Finger of Fire)
FireQuick0.860.79 s1.090.83
Living FlameFireQuick1.000.98 s1.021
Fire WhipFireQuick0.460.55 s0.831.07
ArmageddonFireCharge4.252.5 s1.7NA
Fountain of FireFireCharge3.382.5 s1.35NA
DynocideFireCharge2.422.2 s1.1NA
MeteorsFireCharge1.891.8 s1.05NA
ScorchingFireCharge2.502.5 s1NA
LavaFireCharge2.072.2 s0.94NA
NapalmFireCharge1.571.8 s0.87NA
AscensionFireCharge1.652.2 s0.75NA
PurificationFireCharge1.221.8 s0.68NA
RainfallWaterQuick1.781.05 s 1.71
SplashWaterQuick0.990.69 s1.431.07
Sea HammerWaterQuick1.390.99 s1.40.9
WaveWaterQuick0.940.72 s1.31.05
Hot SpringWaterQuick1.100.91 s1.211.23
Water FistWaterQuick1.040.87 s1.21.15
Shark's BiteWaterQuick1.080.98 s1.10.83
Katulu's CallWaterQuick0.630.63 s11.02
Horror from the DepthsWaterQuick0.690.81 s0.851.1
Reign of Ice
(formerly Power of Ice)
WaterCharge4.252.5 s1.7 NA
TsunamiWaterCharge3.382.5 s1.35NA
Icy BlastWaterCharge2.422.2 s1.1NA
Cold FuryWaterCharge1.891.8 s1.05NA
CrystallizationWaterCharge2.502.5 s1 NA
BlizzardWaterCharge2.072.2 s0.94NA
WhirlwindWaterCharge1.571.8 s0.87NA
FreezingWaterCharge1.652.2 s0.75NA
GlaciationWaterCharge1.22 1.8 s0.68NA

In the moves chart above DPS = Damage Per Second. EPS = Energy Per Second (how quickly a quick move charges up a charge move).

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